Babinda / Miriwinni (7km) / Bramston Beach (16km)

The drive to Bramston Beach from Miriwinni takes only 20 minutes but is very special – especially the views of Mt Bartle Frere (Qld's highest) and Mt Bellenden Ker (2nd highest) on the return. The section through the Graham Range rainforest as it comes down onto the Wyvuri swamp is gorgeous. You may even be lucky enough to see a Cassowary here. Bramston is still a quiet beach with few facilities (1 shop, a campground and a motel) and would suit visitors who like fishing and walking. There are no houses for 20km north or south of Bramston and the beaches are a beachcomber's paradise. North Bramston beach is part of the National Park and it is possible to walk all the way to Russell Heads which is a tiny isolated community at the mouth of the Mulgrave River with no road access. With a 4WD you can drive the 18km to the end of the track in the Graham range National Park. The road starts at Sassafras St which is on the left just before the motel as you enter Bramston. You can camp here but must pay the camp fee – there is a box for paying the fee at the entrance. From the end of the track you can walk about 11km at low tide to the point from where you can see the small settlement of Russell Heads which is a further 5km walk. Low tide is not essential but it does save some scrambling over the huge granite boulders which tumble down into the sea in several places. In August these boulders are festooned with flowering Golden Orchids.

The beach to the south is about 4km long. Further walking is blocked by the jungle covered headland of Cooper Point which is a fine fishing spot. This is an easy walk. There is a great little sandy beach amongst the rocks and trees below Cooper Point to rest up in the shade and break out the picnic. There is also good snorkeling off the rocks.

Eubenangee Swamp is just off the road into Bramston. Turn right just before the Alice Creek bridge, drive about 3km and you will see the sign and parking spot on the right. Follow the creek through the forest and climb the hill behind for a wonderful view. Spectacular on a winter morning with the mist rising and Queensland's largest mountains behind.

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