Babinda / Golden Hole / Josephine Falls / Bruce highway (34km)

Turn off just south of Miriwinni and follow the road to the National Parks parking area for Josephine Falls.

You will have seen the sign pointing to the left for Golden Hole about 1km before the Josephine Falls car park. Go left here and the Golden Hole swimming area is at the end of the road after 1.5km. Golden Hole has a lovely sandy beach, a rope swing and grassy area with a picnic hut and public loos.

To reach Josephine Falls, follow the pathway through the rainforest for 600m. You can't get lost as it is sealed and well marked. There is a large swimming pool below the platform which you can swim across to reach the rock slide on the other side of the pool. Please be careful on wet rocks, they are very slippery but great to slide down.

Josephine Creek is coming off the highest rainfall mountain in Australia so do keep an eye on the water level if there is cloud over the mountain. This is generally only a wet season phenomenon but the creek can rise metres in 30 minutes and change into a raging and dangerous torrent. Allow 2 hrs+ for Josephine Falls but between the Falls and Golden Hole a full afternoon is best.There are public loos beside the car park.

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