Cairns flowering trees

Spring time in North Queensland is wonderful for the flowering trees. This year we had a very short dry season broken short by the wettest October for 60 years. The wet season has not started yet but the early storms are here and Cairns is looking fantastic. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful trees of Cairns.

pink-cassia_01  pink-cassia_02
Pink Cassia

poinciana_03   poinciana_04








Red Poinciana


 tabebuia-heterophylla_01   tabebuia-heterophylla_02









White Cedar

saraca   Brownea









Ashoka tree                                                                          Panama Flame tree


tabebuia-aurea   Peltophorum-africanum








Paraguayan Trumpet tree                                                   African Black Wattle


red-cassia_01   red-cassia_02








Cassia at the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon


 calliandra   bauhinia








Calliandra                                                                           Bauhinia


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