Wet Season Wonderland

Sunday, 09 December 2012 12:40

The wet season, which usually runs from January to late April, is the most beautiful time of year in North Queensland. During that period there is usually one, or sometimes two, very intense periods of rain when it pours, almost without let up, for 2-3 weeks. The rest of the time can have very sunny days with late afternoon storms or overnight rain. The landscape and the rainforest are at their best and gardens run rampant with lush growth.
















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Andrew Griffiths Cairns Post

Thursday, 29 November 2012 15:16

A sensible call from Andrew Griffiths in The Cairns Post Saturday Nov 24th 2012


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Two new properties

Tuesday, 04 September 2012 09:09

6 Fitch Court, Stratford

A fantastic 4 bedroom house with a huge verandah overlooking the pool. Situated in a quiet street on the north side of the Whitfield Range in leafy Stratford. Practical modern design, loads of room and great views to the north. Check out the price and the details here. 









Antoinette's Studio, 132 Petersen Street, Freshwater 

A gorgeous studio apartment with a queen bedroom  and a large covered patio overlooking a beautifully kept tropical garden. This one is also on the north side of the Whitfield Range, about 2km further along in Freshwater. See more photos and check the details here.





Cairns Indigenous Art Fair 2012

Wednesday, 15 August 2012 11:29

A highlight of the Cairns Festival will be the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair which starts on Friday August 17th at the Cruise Liner Terminal on Wharf Street. This is a great opportunity to see and buy artworks from remote communities across Queensland as well as from commercial metropolitan galleries. North Queensland will be well represented from many communities on Cape York and FNQ including Girringun, Hopevale, Lockhart River, Torres Strait and Yarrabah. There will be dancing, singing, film and workshops too.

Nancy Beeron of Girringun Arts


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Jurgen Freund - breathtaking marine photographer

Thursday, 02 February 2012 10:55


The Great Barrier reef will surely have a shipping disaster in the next few years if the bulk carriers are not kept out of the shipping lane inside the chain of reefs strung along the Queensland coast. Coal mining and methane from coal seam extraction is expanding at a phenomenal rate. This, in turn, means that the number of giant ships using the shipping lane is growing.

Jurgen Freund is a photographer documenting the Great Barrier Reef and the reefs in Indonesian and Papua New Guinea waters. His photographs are the work of a great artist naturalist. Have a look at these breathtaking images:   Jurgen Freund Photography


Atilla the Homeowner and Terror the Tenant

Thursday, 26 January 2012 18:14

K_funnyface_100This had me laughing and, no, its not really like this but we all have our moments




A day at Behana Gorge

Tuesday, 17 January 2012 13:04

An article in the Cairns Post mentioned Behana Gorge as a great place to spend a few hours. Weather permitting, we go there every Christmas to work up an appetite for dinner. The turn off on the right is about 32 km from Cairns or 5km south of the Mulgrave River bridge. From the turn off drive to the end of the road. From here the walk is about 3km steadily uphill on a good sealed track which is mostly shaded. Here are some pictures of our last two Behana Gorge visits.


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Cairns Post promotes local restaurants

Monday, 16 January 2012 09:00

Our local newspaper, The Cairns Post, is running a new series promoting local restaurants, chefs and their gorgeous food. Have a look here:   




Port Douglas coast drive

Friday, 13 January 2012 17:28


What fabulous weather we are having - a year ago we were like drowned rats. Yesterday Lizzie drove to Port Douglas.


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Titan Arum in full splendour

Thursday, 12 January 2012 03:22

The second year in a row that the Flecker Botanic gardens have successfully encouraged this magnificent plant to produce this amazing and stinking flower. The flower produces a scent reminiscent of rotting flesh which attracts flies that would in the wild pollinate other members of the same species.

FBG_titan-arum_01 11 12_0040_300

  FBG_titan-arum_01 11 12_0045_300
















FBG_titan-arum_01 11 12_0047_450






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